The Massachusetts Enhanced Emissions Safety Test has been in effect since October 1999 for all motor vehicles registered in the Commonwealth, including buses and trucks. Safety tests are given every year and emissions tests every other year. Together, the safety and emissions tests take approximately 20 minutes. The inspection fee is $35. What if my vehicle fails?
Vehicles that fail the emissions test have 60 days from your initial inspection to make the necessary repairs and pass a re-test. Otherwise, you may be issued a citation or your registration may be suspended. If you have a model year 1996 or newer vehicle, your OBD system may need at least one week of combined highway and city driving to collect enough data for a re-test following repairs. If your vehicle fails the safety test, it may not be driven until repairs have been made. After it is repaired, you are entitled to a free re-inspection within 60 days of the original test, but only at the original inspection station.